Business events (conferences, trainings, integrational events, seminars and annual conferences) as well as recreational events (family gatherings, holiday celebrations,  personal milestones, etc.) will gain additional  importance when organised in a place that caters not only to the needs connected to the perfect execution of the event, but also offers  ample supportive activites that enhance one’s well-being.

There are 2 modular conference rooms that can be divided into 3 separate rooms for diverse activities, all equipped with necessary IT and communication tools for successful event’s implementation. Our gastronomy departament will cater to all wishes of our Guests by organising exquisite coffee breaks, luncheons, dinners and buffets. Our MediSpa centre will help our Guests to relax after fruitful  meetings and the closeness of the sea will have a  calming effect on their senses.

Division of the meeting rooms depends on the individual needs and expectations of our Guests.

Conference rooms’ size and capacity

RoomSizeSeminary settingBanquet settingAuditory settingSemicircle setting
AB160 sqm90 pax50 pax150 pax64 pax
A74 sqm40 pax20 pax70 pax30 pax
B85 sqm50 pax30 pax70 pax34 pax
C145 sqm80 pax50 pax130 pax60 pax